Vittorio Sgarbi

As he loves to deal with the truth of a finished tale, his compositions are rich with allusive suggestion and scenic implications. Here, the human figure often integrates with the generous and sunny nature of Versilia, the artist’s homeland, but also the ideal and idealized habitat, which corresponds with his deepest emotive appeals and which guides his creativity.

The interpretation of this world is translated into pure colors, which turn into a tale rich in symphonies and harmonies. In addition, the characters that people Pardini’s canvases are not defined in a portrait-like appearance, but rather act as a presence of stylized signs, ones whose narrative function certainly cannot be taken for granted, as they are emblematic protagonists of situations linked to a visually exasperated everyday life in a heroic key.


Vittorio Sgarbi (full name Vittorio Umberto Antonio Maria Sgarbi; Ferrara, 8 May 1952) is an art critic, politician, writer, TV personality and Italian art historian. He has been a member of parliament on several occasions, as well as sitting on local councils (for example in Milan). Since June 2008, he has been mayor of the Sicilian town of Salemi.

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