1978 – Tommaso Paloscia

“…De Micheli, who has been watching this style for over thirty years, is well aware of its history, so it is easy for him to reconfirm his convictions; Yevtushenko has obviously managed to capture the poetic values with which he feels an affinity. In any case, both claim – quite rightly – to be convinced of the pictorial value of Pardini, who is able to transmit all the suggestions which fresco techniques especially are laden with, via his marvelous transparencies. And this kind of recognition counts for a great deal…”


The journalist and art critic Tommaso Paloscia was born in Rome in 1918 but, from 1945, he lived in Florence, where he was on the staff for over forty years of the newspaper «La Nazione», where he held important positions as a correspondent, chief sub-editor and chief of the cultural and artistic pages. He organized painting and sculptor exhibitions and published books on art history, essays on contemporary artists, journalistic reportages from the most important archeological areas in the world. He held conferences abroad on art from the 19th and 20th centuries. He died in Florence on 28 March, 2005.

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