1988 – Luigi Tallarico

“Pardini has returned to his passion for the techniques of the Tuscans from the 1300s, but with the worrying spirit of someone from the same era, who looks upon the concluded and immobile form of the classics, via the Cubists eyes, the expressive and luminarist thunder strikes of the Fauves, the materialism of the informal, but imbued with the Quasimodo-like “soul of the earth”.

In fact, in Pardini’s work, the form is mobile due to internal resurrections, even when he doesn’t spare the rigidity, belonging to a world dominated by a reassuring security, to which, however, he contrasts his figures burdened with a “taste of salt, blood, tears, wind,” as the poet Diego Valeri wrote.”


Journalist, writer and art critic, author of important books on art from the 1900s:

Boccioni dal meridione all’Europa

Il futurismo e la Calabria

Sironi decoratore

Sironi. Gli anni del primato italiano tra futurismo e metafisica

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