Manrico Testi

With regards to Eugenio Pardini, we cannot talk about an artistic journey, of stylistic evolution (although both occurred), but rather about thematic elaboration, of human research, of an exhaustive study of color and figures within each period: indeed, his painting, rather than being linear, proceeds in a circular fashion. He has thus elaborated an extraordinarily personal method of painting, or creating frescos, to which he has remained faithful over the years (without ever indulging, with eclectic conformism, the trends of the moment). His is a calibrated and vibrant method, suffused with poetry, rich with humanity: a secure anchoring of tonal nobility, expressive, a wealth of content, needing ample space, not only in his frescos. “Here,” said Lorenzo Viani prophetically to Silvio Micheli, after having seen the first figurative efforts of the young Eugenio, “in these old jackets, he has no room to breathe. He needs canvases as big as transatlantic liners which he can control with a breath of wind.”


Professor of Italian literature, writer, journalist, chairman of numerous art commissions, author of history books and poetry:

Dalla Torre Matilde alle vette apuane. Poeti e narratori di Viareggio e della Versilia

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